More than just a Kiosk

Hello Bournemouth!

Greetings from Marta & Adam, best friends and founders of Picnic Park Deli, Bournemouth. 

We are located within the Westover Gardens area of the historic Lower Gardens. We are open everyday bringing visitors a diverse mix of live music, art, fitness, events as well as obviously food & drink.


We set up Picnic Park Deli in 2016 as we felt Bournemouth was crying out for a social space within a town cluttered with both clone-town chains and establishments aimed just for tourists. We want to become that go-to-place for locals and visitors alike, not only offering superb locally sourced food and drink but also giving Bournemouth something that is a real social experience. 

We want our home, the Westover Gardens to become a community driven, collaborative space so we need your help - get in touch!

Much love.


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Hire our terrace or whole space for your event, party or corporate shindig! 

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